Micro Museum History

One Flight Up

For better or worse NYC real estate landscape changed radically. Micro Museum changed right along with it. Throughout 2015 the artists of Micro Museum moved their installations, rebuilding/updating them with 21st century technology as well as re-organizing their exhibit spaces as they moved from two floors to one floor. "Always blurring the lines" that is what Micro Museum does." says Kathleen Laziza. Please note: AC/DC Window has been replaced with a 24/7 display instead of daytime only. As Micro Museum enters into a new chapter of community development the artists of Micro Museum look forward to seeing NYC afresh from this new vantage point, one flight up.

Returning to Roots

Micro Museum returned to the 2nd floor location at 123 Smith Street. Reclaiming a place in the Laziza's personal home, essentially was a "prodigal son" moment. Remembering the original footprint, where community thrived for 17 years before expanding the operation to include the ground floor space for 12 years was very satisfying. The transformation is now an updated version of this chamber-size art space. In 2016 Micro Museum will host a new art talks series called ARTIST BY DEFINITION, produce video broadcasts, create special events and integrate all of this into the free-wheeling personal artistic work spaces for the Founding Artists. ARTIST BY DEFINITION artistic leaders are Jamie Leo, Pamela Sneed, Mike MacIvor and Kay Nishikawa. To be informed about future announcements please join the listbot by filling out the form on the CONTACT page.

Picturing You

Benton C. Bainbridge is a videomaker who worked with many other media artists in groups including Stackable Thumbs, Nneng, Poooool, etc… He is a prolific videoartist and visitors to this site should look him up. Here he makes video portraits for the Laziza family, a self portrait and one for video curator David Linton on the 1st floor of the museum. On the 2nd floor of the museum John LaMacchia made music for a rocking dance party. YouTube has several media pieces that represent what curator Kathleen Laziza calls the concept of "building memories threads by blurring hierarchy." Stephanie Baldwin and Nikolas Accentura were strong media contributors. Look for their work online.


Media Art Installation by Kathleen and William Laziza. The piece turns NYC Time's Square inside out. The Lazizas created a horizontal TV display with special mylar objects known as transformers. The video light is reflected on the transformers for a hypnotic effect. For nearly the entire 2014 Micro Museum placed TRANSFORM in the street access window. It was not unusual to see inebriated people hovered around it like a moth to a flame. Another family in the neighborhood told the artists of Micro Museum that their child requested to say goodnight to her "art friend" in the window of Micro Museum before going to sleep.

Big Ideas: Magic Numbers

A part of the BIG IDEAS series. The selected artists used elements of mathematics to produce their works of art. David Goldman played the museum’s Lumiano for the occasion. Pictured here is the work of Cheryl Brock.

Big Ideas: Animals In Your Kingdom

The BIG IDEA series started with an open call extended to USA visual artists and local performing artists. One delightful memory was opening night for Animals in Your Kingdom, where an old lovable dog named Oscar roamed the 1st floor gallery. He walked along a row of chairs where people naturally petted him. At the end of the event there was a line of fine dog hair where Oscar clearly received the most physical attention along the chair line. The event featured live music by David Goldman on the museum’s Lumiano. Pictured here is Monika Malewska's art works.

Soap Box Stage Performance

Many local artists and groups took to the small stage at the museum’s entrance. Highlights include: The Community Writers Group as a part of Writer's Walk on Smith street, Guitarist/Songwriter Fredrix Livendirect!!, John LaMacchia’s musical groups: Morn, The Crooked Man, Poet/Writer/Performer Pamela Sneed, Storyteller/Writer/Performer Jamie Leo, Musical guests Thor Rock, Choreographer Jessica Bonenfant, Composer/Musician Andy Cohen, Singer Krystal Clark and others. Pictured here is Fredrix Livendirect!!

Big Ideas: Signature Power

The final exhibit in the BIG IDEAS series presented 27 pieces by 22 artists whose works spanned 12 exhibits at Micro Museum. The BEST OF SHOW artists included Cheryl Brock, Reet Das, Debra Friedkin, Azita Ganji, Bill Hamilton, Kathleen Jean Jacques, Marie Christine Katz, Charles Printz Kopelson, Johannes Kroemer, Kathleen Laziza, William Laziza, Ruth Lyons, Claire Marcus, Melissa McClain, Roberto Mendez, Ralph Mindicino, Giang Nguyen, Tiana Peterson, Kate L. Pollard, Elise Roedenbeck, Darren Saravis, Hisayasu Takashio. Pictured here is the work of Melissa McClain.

Big Ideas: Twins

This exhibition featured many striking works that were mostly disturbing. The two models for this image arrived to see themselves. The results of their visit was highly entertaining and people found themselves captivated by their charms. As was the custom for these events David Goldman played on the museum’s Lumiano. It was a lively occasion because the party ended in a sing along where the audience belted out show tunes encouraged by Mr. Goldman. Pictured here is the work of artist Johannes Kroemer.

Bastille Day Beat The Donkey

The Lazizas had an ongoing collaboration with acclaimed Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista. His world beat band BEAT THE DONKEY is a vibrant feast for the eyes and ears. Their act routinely showcases taps dancers, Balinese dance and music as well their infectious rhythm that keeps people dancing from start to finish. The artists of Micro Museum collaborated with Mr Baptista's band at Southpaw, Montclair High School and SOBs as well as a street fair as a part Bastille Day celebrations on Smith Street.

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