I Can’t Forget: The Leonard Cohen Timeline

The Life Of Leonard Cohen: Poet, Novelist, Singer-Songwriter, Icon

1993 Tour of Europe and North America Opens

April 22 - May 30: 26 concerts in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria June 5 - July 30: 37 concerts in USA and Canada

Bar Mitzvah

Leonard Cohen has his bar mitzvah at 13 at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim. (Note: exact date in 1947 unknown)

Birth Of Daughter, Lorca

Birth of daughter, Lorca to Cohen and Suzanne Elrod Note: Year of Birth is 1974; Date unknown

Enrolls McGill University, Montreal

The Energy Of Slaves Published

Earliest Recording Of Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne – The Stormy Clovers 1966

A year before Leonard Cohen or Judy Collins performed his music on stage, the Stormy Clovers were playing Cohen’s songs at festivals and in clubs, coffee houses, and campuses in Toronto, Montreal, and other Canadian cities and towns (Note: While this performance & recording took place in 1966, the exact date is not known)

Book of Mercy Published

Book of Mercy wins the Canadian Author's Association Literary Award for Poetry

1972 Tour Opens: Europe and Israel

March 18 to April 19: 21 concerts in Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, and Israel

Arrives Edmonton For 5 Week Stay

Invited by University of Alberta to serve as a writer-in-residence, Cohen was in the process of shifting from poet to singer-songwriter.

First Tour Opens: 1970

A concert at Trinity College in Hartford opened Leonard Cohen’s 1970 Tour. The show took place April 8, 1970 before a crowd of a few hundred. The Tour included about 30 (records conflict) stops in North American & Europe.

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