Student Union History

The Arizona Student Unions have been around since 1951, and the history of the Unions is a mini history of the UA itself. We invite you to explore the roots of our service to students and the UA community through our interactive timeline. Enjoy the photos, articles, stories, and videos from years past while learning more about the evolution of our location and offerings.

Timeline managed by Gregor Orbino.;xNLx;Special thanks to: Ashley Rae LaBar, Ashley Tutera, Judy Harrison and Stephanie Cunningham for direction and support, the web team of Seth Norris, Alex Slaughter, Jaime Masson & Brook Phinney; Jed Corkill at Fast Design, Mariah Day for the time-lapse videos, David Miller for copy, Brenda Keagle for procuring new material, Nick Adamakis, for the majority of photos from the 2000's, Margret Puckett for her documents from the 1980's, and The University of Arizona Special Collections for much of the mid-20th century content.

A-New-U demolition party.

A-New-U demolition party.

Daily Star: This Birthday Cake Is A Whopper!

The University of Arizona Student Union yesterday marked its 25th anniversary with the biggest birthday cake imaginable.

Tucson Citizen: Romantics crank up their car radios

CHUCK GRAHAM, Citizen Entertainment Writer

Daily Star: 'Madrigal' is still quite an Elizabethan feast

By Larry Harnisch, Arizona Daily Star

Tucson Citizen: Comedy Corner plays to tough student audience

By Chuck GRAHAM, Citizen Entertainment Writer

ADS: UA's annual Madrigal Dinner is a highly sought Christmas plum

By Larry Harnisch, The Arizona Dally Star

DW: Prison band plays country at UA in memorial benefit

By Julie A. Amparano, Arizona Daily Wildcat

Food Production Memo

Citizen: When Oingo Boingo plays, you sweat the night away

By the time Oingo Boingo got to its sixth song, "Grey Matter" the beat and the heat were begnning to-have their way with the crowd of 800 in the Student Union ballroom on the University of Arizona campus last night. Because of a power failure at approximately 7 p.m., the air conditioning in the Student Union was off for an hour.

Wildcat: Union Gallery Exhibit examines man's cruelty to man

Joe Schmalzel's series of sculptured-wood crucifixions is both beautiful and horrifying. It is beautiful in its dark tonalities of polished wood and sensuous modeling, while horrifying in its representation - however nonrealistic - of a grotesque form of execution. The series is at once a chronicle of Christ's personal pain and an abstraction, aesthetically rendered, of a religious and cultural symbol.

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