Housing Policies

An informative timeline from the Early Georgian period to Today covering policies, acts of parliament and regulated standards introduced to housing.

1744-01-31 11:55:59

London Building Act

The Act specifies new street dimensions and rates dependant on value and size.

1745-08-05 02:56:02

First building society introduced

1792-02-27 05:37:24

Surveyors club formed (later known as RICS).

1834-12-12 10:18:40

Creation of the Royal Institute of British Architects

1835-09-14 06:18:41

Municipal Corporations Act

Established the principal of elected town councils.

1836-12-16 20:58:43

Building Societies Act

The Act officially recognises societies for the first time.

1840-06-25 22:38:50

Bristol Building Act

1842-03-31 10:58:53

Building clubs allowed to become permanent building societies.

1844-07-05 19:58:57

Metropolitan Building Act

1848-07-15 17:19:04

Public Health Act

The Act creates public boards of health.

Housing Policies

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