Economics and Industrialization

An informative timeline from the Early Georgian period to Today, demonstrating the changing costs of housing and industrial innovations. How transport infrastructure and population sizes have effected the economy and society.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc declare bankruptcy.

Early 90s recession

The US savings and loan crisis leads to this recession.

1990s onwards

A new generation of “sunrise” industries. Management and information skills relevant to a changing economy.


Early development of the rail network affects the creation of suburbs and has an effect on how food is transported.

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opens: the world’s first inter-city passenger railway with steam locomotives.

English towns grow by 25.9 % and 54% of the population live in urban accommodation


Large house - Rent 1/10th of cost of house, which is around £50-100 per year with build costs rising to £1000; Medium house - £16-£26 rent per year.


A national network of canals exists.


Water filtration and reservoirs are introduced.


William Hedley and Timothy Hackworth design a locomotive (Puffing Billy Steam).

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