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Documentary Filmmaker Danielle Beverly chronicled a community in Athens, GA for an upcoming documentary titled "Old South", which will be released in Spring 2015. The film focuses mainly on one block, over 3+ years.;xNLx;;xNLx;Yet a film can only show so much. This same neighborhood has been an important historically African American community for nearly 150 years. To celebrate the many "firsts" that have occurred there, and also consider the changes that have impacted it, this "Hope for Athens Historical Timeline" lets users travel BACKWARDS, to interact with its history.;xNLx;;xNLx;Content revision is ongoing. We seek your memories, photographs, and artifacts from this neighborhood to add to the timeline. Contact Danielle Beverly at ;xSTx;a href="mailto:petunia@petuniaproductions.net";xETx;petunia@petuniaproductions.net;xSTx;/a;xETx;

Rosemarie Goodrum speaks outs on house destruction

Rosemarie Goodrum speaks outs on house destruction in letter to Athens Banner-Herald

Former Kappa Alpha asks fraternity to consider new site

Online Athens Report: The Reese Street and West Hancock corridor was registered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, but that designation alone does not protect the district from such intrusions as a fraternity house.

KA bulldozes houses

A University of Georgia fraternity razed two historic houses in the Hancock-Reese neighborhood Friday over the objections of residents and preservation advocates. "It's quite unfortunate," neighborhood activist Hope Iglehart said. "They could have done something to save those houses and done something to make the organization look good."

Dr. John Townsend joins Hill First Baptist Church

Interview about Hill First Baptist Church, and the segregated Greek system at UGA.

1st black students attend University of Georgia: 1961

During the time of the Civil Rights Movement, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes became the first black students to enroll at the University of Georgia.

Residents organize against fraternity

4th generation neighborhood resident Hope Iglehart calls a meeting of residents and stakeholders in the community.

Kappa Alpha (KA) annual antebellum parade

Video of Kappa Alpha (KA) annual Antebellum Parade, now commencing in African American Reese Hancock neighborhood. VIDEO COMING SOON

Athens High and Industrial School 1933

Athens High and Industrial School, the first Georgia public high school for African Americans moves to neighborhood.

The City of Athens

On December 8, 1806, the CIty of Athens was incorporated.

University of Georgia (UGA)

Founded January 27, 1785, UGA became the first state-chartered university in the nation.

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