Regina Revitalization Initiative

This project began in 2009 led by the Government of Saskatchewan. The Crown Investments Corporation commissioned several reports that resulted in a collated into a Feasibility Study. The work included an environmental assessment, a transportation and infrastructure study, and an urban design study of the CP rail site. They also conducted stakeholder consultations. The Province withdrew their participation in the project in March of 2011 because the project would not qualify for federal P3 funding. The Province's Feasibility Study was the starting point for the current project and it can be found here: 2010 Saskatchewan Multipurpose Entertainment Facility Feasibility Report

Open House #2 - Railyard Renewal Project

Residents invited to review three redevelopment concepts for the 17.5 acre site and share their thoughts.

advisor procurement

City Council approves initiation of a procurement process for a Technical Advisor, Project Manager, and Fairness Advisor

RRI project established

City Council approves the establishment of the RRI project


Mayor Fiacco announces the concept of the Regina Revitalization Initiative

p3 policy framework

City Council approves the P3 Policy Framework which guides the potential use of a P3 for the Mosaic Stadium Replacement

Business Unit Established

A business unit within the City Administration is formally established to continue moving the project forward

Vision and Guiding Principles Approved

Review of project objectives concludes in City Council’s approval of a Vision and Guiding Principles for the project


P3 Market Sounding process is initiated by the RRI business unit

P3 Market Sounding

The results of the P3 Market Sounding process are provided and approved by City Council

Technical advisor

RFP is issued for the City’s Technical Advisor (Engineering & Architectural)

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