El Centro Español de Tampa

In 1885 there were no people or cigar factories or cigar workers, but within a few decades there were dozens of factories making hundreds of millions of hand-rolled cigars by tens of thousands of immigrants, and thousands of Club members.

1868-10-10 09:07:28

Ten Years War

On October 10, the Grito de Yaro announces the commencement of what has come to be known as the Ten Years War.

1869-03-15 09:07:28

Ybor Moves Operations

V.M. Ybor moves operations from Havana to Key West.

1878-02-10 09:07:28

Ten Years War Ends

Ten Years War ends (Pact of Zanjon).

1884-10-01 22:49:39

Gargol & Guiterrez in Tampa

Bernardino Gargol & Gavino Gutierrez visit Tampa in search of guava trees.

1884-11-08 09:07:28

Gargól & Gutíerrez in Key West

After leaving Tampa, Gargól & Gutíerrez travel to Key West, visit Ybor and Ignacio Haya.

1884-12-08 09:07:28

Interest in Tampa Increases

Gargol, Gutierrez, V. Martinez Ybor, & Ignacio Haya return to Tampa.

1885-07-15 09:07:28

Serrafin Sanchez Travels to Tampa

Serrafin Sanchez (Haya associate) travels to Tampa from New York and meets withTampa Board of Trade.

1885-08-20 09:07:28

Henry B. Plant's Railroad

H.B. Plant extends his railroad to Tampa.

1885-09-05 17:38:22

Ybor Buys Land

Ybor & Haya return to Tampa..

1885-09-20 17:38:22

Ybor Hires Gavino Gutíerrez

Ybor hires Gutíerrez to survey land, develop a plan.

El Centro Español de Tampa

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