El Centro Español de Tampa

In 1885 there were no people or cigar factories or cigar workers, but within a few decades there were dozens of factories making hundreds of millions of hand-rolled cigars by tens of thousands of immigrants, and thousands of Club members.

Medical Lawsuit

Hillsborough County Medical Association sues Centro Español over medical practices.

Haya Begins Construction

Ignacio Haya begins constrution of his factory.

Spanish-American War Begins

Centro Asturiano Hospital Closes

The hospital located at the corner of 21st Avenue and 14th Street closes, ending a chapter in the history of mutual aid for the Spanish colony in Tampa. [5]

La Union Founded

A faction of La Sociedadd de Libre Pensadores de Martí Maceo establishes a new society, La Union, for the purpose of providing economic and medical benefits. [7] [8]

Another Attempt at Merger

Latest effort to merge societies fails.

Afro-Cuban Clubs Merge

La Sociedad de Libre Pensadores de Marti-Maceo merges with La Union.

La Union Martí-Maceo

La Union Marti-Maceo inaugurates its club house on the corner of 6th Avenue and 11th Street. [7]

New Centro Asturiano Hospital

A new, modern hospital is completed on the corner of 21st Avenue and 14th Street. It cost $ 175,000 to construct. [5]

West Tampa Annexed

On January 1st, West Tampa is annexed by the City of Tampa.

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