BGSU Recreation and Wellness Through the Years

Recreation and Wellness programs and activities are intertwined in the history of Bowling Green State University since its inception in 1910.

This ongoing project showcases the memories of individual students, faculty, staff, and community members in a diverse selection of photos, videos, articles, and personal stories from library and rec department archives. The story told here portrays a narrative reflecting our shared experience, interests, and pride in recreation as a community-oriented history.

1910-01-01 10:44:17


The authors wish to express gratitude to BGSU Center for Archival Collections (CAC), and librarians Becky Denes, Eric Honneffer, and Jason Clevenger, as well as BGSU Office of Design and Construction, who were abundantly helpful in the research and photo collection phases of the project. Deepest appreciation is also due to Janet Parks, Mickey Cochrane and Thad Long, whose contributions added personal knowledge and historical perspective. Many additional staff and students also contributed to the project including; Libbey Snyder, Mike Rockovich, Sean Bostater, Alexia Chesbrough, Brent Darah, Mark Richards, Allison Bierman, Nicole Farley, Autumn White, Haley Zywiczynski, Lindsey Ingle, and Sydney Niekamp.

1910-09-01 10:44:17

Bowling Green State Normal College Established

The Bowling Green State Normal College was established in 1910 as a teacher-training institution. The first classes were held in 1914, and the first bachelor's degrees were awarded in 1917.

1915-10-01 10:44:17

Tennis Courts Constructed

In 1915 $288.00 was appropriated for the surfacing, leveling, grading, and topping of tennis courts.

1915-11-20 10:44:17

First Gymnasium Constructed on Campus

The first campus gymnasium was constructed in 1915 inside the Administration Building (University Hall).

1918-03-27 07:30:20

Second Annual Physical Training Demonstration

The Physical Training Department held the second annual physical training demonstration in the College gymnasium on March 27, 1918.

1919-01-01 10:44:17

First Intercollegiate Football Game Held at Ridge Street Field

The first intercollegiate football game was held in 1919 on the playing field adjacent to the Ridge Street School.

1920-10-01 10:44:17

Athletic Committee Formed to Oversee Athletics and Intramurals Sports

The Normal College Athletic Committee was formed in 1920 with the purpose to “control and manage all athletic interests of the Bowling Green State Normal College.” In addition to athletics, intramural contests were also controlled by the Athletic Committee.

1923-11-10 07:30:20

College Field Dedicated

A new athletic field was constructed and dedicated as the College Field during the 1923 Homecoming celebration.

1924-11-08 10:44:17

College Field Bleachers Constructed

Bleachers were constructed along the College Field in time for the Homecoming game on November 8, 1924.

1925-01-01 10:44:17

New Running Track Constructed

A new, quarter mile track was constructed around College Field in 1925.

BGSU Recreation and Wellness Through the Years

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