Adelante History

Adelante was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1978 and has grown substantially in size and scope of services since opening our doors. Our goal has been to continue to innovate to meet the changing needs of people with disabilities while maintaining the highest level of quality.

This timeline of Adelante shows when programs started and when major milestones or events occurred in our field, illustrating how the agency has expanded to meet the needs and expectations of people with disabilities.

Wellness Referral Center Opens

Thanks to the BUILD Health grant, the Wellness Referral Center works to connect the gap between the doctor and patient to help patients manage chronic disease.

Supported Employment Services begins

Supported Employment Services begins and the first job placement occurres in September 1987. Today the program is called EmployAbility. Bargain Square Thrift Store opened at a new site.

Community Development Block Funding

Adelante Supported Employment found jobs in the community for 66 people. Senior Services begins funding from the Albuquerque Community Foundation and a Community Development Block Grant funding construction and major upgrades at Bargain Square creating 20 new jobs.

NISH Contract

Adelante Janitorial Services cleans 52 buildings on Kirtland AFB and employs 45 workers. This is the agency’s first major NISH contract.

Last state-run institution closes

The last state-run institution closes in New Mexico. Adelante is selected by a quarter of the people leaving the State system and entering their communities. In addition, Adelante Industries handled 1,625 contracts with over 250 companies and the agency receives the Quality New Mexico Piñon Award for commitment to quality principles.

Valencia County

The Community Options program begins in Valencia County and triples in size.

Adelante is Founded in Albuquerque

Adelante is founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico by a group of parents who were focused on the ideas of independence, rights, choice, and respect for people with disabilities. At that point in history, society saw a person’s disabilities in rehabilitation terms only, thus often failing to pay attention to an individual’s capabilities or interests. In February 1978 the organization is named La Familia, but before November 1978 when services started, the name changed to the Teaching Home. The agency offered educational and vocational training in a home environment for six men with autism who lived in the home where they received services. The initial budget was $64,000.

Camino Real Opens

Camino Real opens in 1980 in Belen, New Mexico. It was an agency that had a similar philosophy and offered services for people with disabilities; in 1981, the two agencies began to share support staff and a CEO. Also in 1981, Adelante begins to focus more on day services and vocational training, and transferres its residential services to ARCA. The name changed in April 1981 to better reflect the agency’s purpose. Adelante, which means ‘forward’ in Spanish was chosen because it reflected our vision of helping people with disabilities to make progress in their lives and to work toward their personal goals. In July 1980, the agency’s day program supported 20 people with disabilities.

Adelante becomes accredited by CARF

Adelante Industries start their first big contract, opening the first of many social enterprises at the agency; offering services for local businesses in an effort to employ people with disabilities. In August, 1982, Adelante becomes accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities) for the first time.

Camino Real Thrift Shop Opens

The Camino Real Thrift Shop opensin Belen. Today, the shops are known as Bargain Square Thrift Stores.

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