Missionary Cenacle Family

A spiritual family of active Catholics, with members from many cultures and walks of life, founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1909. They began as a lay movement but now include priests, brothers, sisters, vowed laity, and volunteers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

Pontifical Status

1958 – Both religious congregations received Pontifical Status and the Decree of Praise from Rome.

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity

1929 – The Priests and Brothers receive official canonical status from Rome and the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity are established.

Mother Mary Boniface

1919 – Louise Margaret Keasey is appointed by Fr. Judge to be the first General Custodian of the newsister’s community and receives the name Mother Mary Boniface.

Opelika, Alabama

1915 – Fr. Judge is assigned to a Vincentian mission in Opelika, Alabama. A number of lay volunteers follow Fr. Judge and give their lives completely to the Missionary Cenacle.

First Missionary Cenacle

1911 – The first Missionary Cenacle is opened in Baltimore to care for homeless and unemployed women and to work among Italian immigrants.

Fr. Judge Dies

1933 – This photo was taken just a few weeks before his death in 1933.

Blessed Trinity Missionary Institute

Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1950 by Dr. Margaret Healy according to the inspiration of Fr. Thomas Judge, CM; approved as a pious union in 1964 by the Holy See through the Archbishop of New York.

Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity

1918 – The Cenacle in Alabama become incorporated under the title of “Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity” consisting mainly of Catholic ladies.

Mother Boniface Dies

1931 – Mother Boniface dies.

Canonical Status

1932 – The sisters receive canonical status from Rome under the original title “Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity."

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