Transition Bristol

A timeline showing key stages along the development path of Transition Bristol including projects & events that we helped get started or contributed to in some way.

Transition Bristol was set up to catalyse neighbourhood groups and to provide them with a sense of being part of a bigger picture. While the neighbourhood groups have busied themselves with practical projects at the local level, Transition Bristol continues to work with key partners such as Bristol City Council to develop sustainable practice.;xNLx;;xNLx;For more info visit

Linked in to Forum for the Future group

Transition Bristol represented on Forum for the Future group (follow link below for FFF's 2008 annual report)

Convened Open Streets coalition

Convened Open Streets coalition

"Call for Sites" with Bristol Council

Bristol City Council is inviting ideas – deadline 19 December – from local residents about plots of land which could be put to better use. This is an opportunity to let the planners know your views about, for example; green space for growing, and for education about, local food, and for biodiversity more local fruit and veg shops more access to meeting and social places for community groups (we really struggle to find places because so many gatherings are competing for a few places) car-free outdoor spaces that are pleasant, safe, used, overlooked, and accessible for all ages the importance of space for urban trees for cooling the city, flood risk reduction and biodiversity Transition Bristol is holding an open meeting on 3 December so that people can share information about land in Bristol and about the planning processes. Sarah O’Driscoll from Bristol City Council’s planning team will be there to help explain what people need to do and how to fill in the forms about sites. The meeting is 7pm to 9pm in Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY. Hamilton House is the boarded-up building (60′s brick, office, set back from road, billboards all along the front) just opposite the end of Jamaica Street and to the left of the ‘Mild Mild West’ Banksy painting. There is an entrance – which only gets opened up when needed – so there should be a poster and someone to greet you at the Stokes Croft front of the building, and if you are late look for the poster and the light and come on in! Everyone welcome. There have already been some important discussions on this on our Yahoo group so if you would like to help contribute to this process for Redland then do get in touch, and come to the meeting if you can.

Bristol Peak oil report published

The study was commissioned by the Bristol Partnership and the city council to consider the implications for Bristol once global oil production has peaked and production is in decline.

Bristol Council Climate Change and Energy Security Framework updated

Bristol Council Climate Change and Energy Security Framework updated

Bristol Food Charter launch

The public launch of Bristol's city-wide Good Food charter as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week.

Sims Hill Shared Harvest Steering Group

First convening of a steering group to develop the Sims Hill Shared Harvest to help reestablish Bristol’s historic local and seasonal food supply chains.

Sims Hill Shared Harvest Launched

Hello and welcome to Sims Hill Shared Harvest, a new Community Supported Agriculture initiative which plans to help reestablish Bristol’s historic local and seasonal food supply chains. We still face many unknowns as we bring our vision to fruition, but with your help we feel confident that we can build a successful project.

Registered as Limited Liability Company

Transition Bristol is Registered as Limited Liability Company

Oil and health talk at the Bristol Medico -Chirurgical Society

Oil & health talk at the Bristol Medico -Chirurgical Society

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