Friday Morning Serial

Every Friday morning from 8-9am, at the GCCDS office, we host “Friday Morning Serial”.

;xNLx;This free weekly public event brings a different speaker and topic to the attendees through a 10-15 minute presentation. The majority of the morning is spent as group discussion, asking questions, and brainstorming. Community members, government officials, artists, scientists, professionals, students, and designers make up some of the varied attendees. ;xNLx;FMS provides a gathering and networking opportunity in which people whom may have never met or talked can come together over cereal, coffee, and tea for informed discussion one hour each week. Our topics and speakers are from diverse backgrounds and provide specialized insight. Topics vary from ecological restoration to Urban planning and policy, Mississippi artisanal foods to the local film industry. This event is a catalyst for change and growth, connecting people along the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Brian Gaudio: "Within Formal Cities: Sharing stories and designs from informal communities"

A project made possible by the Turan and Linda Duda Traveling Fellowship "Within Formal Cities" is a project by Abe Drechsler and Brian Gaudio to document housing and infrastructure projects in 5 cities in South America: Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

Elizabeth Englebretson: "Sheep and Goats as Land Management"

Goats have been part of land management for thousands of years and have recently had a resurgence in municipalities and communities nationwide as we all try to move away from the overuse of herbicides. The Gulf Coast and Southeast has also turned to goats as a way to knock back invasive species such as Chinese Privot and Kudzu. Harrison, Jackson, and Hancock County on the Mississippi coast are perfect areas for goat land management due to our proximity to so many fragile waterways and abundance of neglected or vacant lots.

Britton Jones: "Pocket Parks: Improvised Constructs in the Urban fabric"

The Urban fabric of the Gulf Coast contains many unused or underutilized public spaces. With some basic interventions, such as adding seating, these spaces can be activated as gathering, resting, and even play space.

Corey Christy: "Haynie's Corner Art District: Community building, a team effort"

The neighborhood turn around in Evansville, Indiana that is now Haynie's Corner Art District is no single effort. Everyone is working together to facilitate and guide growth. Bringing in the artists and makers, getting people moved into the neighborhood to live, working closely with municipal officials and community members has brought this area to life!

Mark Headley: "The Future of the Motion Picture Industry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast"

Municipalities across the country have utilized the film industry as a resource to inject much needed funds, tourism, and employment opportunities into their areas. Film production is a multi-disciplinary experience that involves large amounts of money and a varied work force from builders and historic preservationists to caterers and artists. Mark has been working to develop and advance a Gulf Coast Film Commission for several years to bring this industry to our municipalities.

Jessie Zenor: "Finding Your Hustle"

"Proceed and Be Bold" and "Join The Hustle" are the rally cries of Ms. Zenor who works to build community through art, gathering, and food. The Gulf Coast is a place of opportunity and possibility and if we embrace different ways of thinking, get rid of outdated policies/ordinances, and encourage cooperation we can build our futures together.

Lolly Barnes: "Preservation Inspiration"

"Lolly Barnes is the Executive Director of the Mississippi Heritage Trust, a statewide nonprofit organization working to save and renew places meaningful to Mississippians and their history." ( Lolly recently launched MS MOD and is working tirelessly to preserve MS architecture and heritage. The Friday Morning Serial presentation sparked interest in how we can use historic tax credits for redevelopment within our communities. How can we use our heritage resources to leverage preservation. an example of this would be working with the film industry budgets as part of a restoration program. by allowing film in exchange for restoration.

Gene Peters: "Road Diets for Bicycles"

As an avid bicyclist, and owner of Eco-Geno Bicycle on Pass Rd., Biloxi, Gene Peters has been working with GCCDS and Gulf Coast Heritage Partnership to make Biloxi a bicycle friendly city. His presentation focused on HWY 90 as a critical project for bicycle connection from "Bridge to Bridge", pedestrian, bicycle and automobile safety and circulation. Quick and relatively inexpensive treatments, such as Restriping and adding Sharrows, that could add bicycle lanes on Biloxi roads without large scale infrastructure changes.

No Serial: Out of office

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Robert Smith: "Migratory Birds of the Mississippi Coast"

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is on one of the major flyways for migratory bird species moving between Central/South America and North American locations. The most recent bird checklist of Mississippi Coastal Counties shows at least 389 species of birds present on the coast during migrations. The discussion focused on the need to manage our landscapes to support these birds through native, bird friendly trees, shrubs, and plants.

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