Historic Timeline of Dutch in Chinsurah

Emperor Shah Jahan becomes the next Mughal Emperor.

Reign of Emperor Akbar begins.

Death of Emperor Akbar, his son Jahangir becomes Emperor.

Sir Thomas Roe, the English ambassador, visits Jahangir’s court and stays for the next three years.

Shah Jahan, determined to bring the Deccan under his control, sends an expedition against the ruler of Ahamadnagar and successfully annexes the kingdom.

Shah Jahan shifts his capital from Agra to Delhi in the newcity of Shahjahanabad.

The war of succession broke out between his four sons Dara Shikhoh, Shah Shuja, Murad and Aurangzeb.

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Aurangzeb defeats Dara Shikhoh at Samugarh, and marches to Agra where he imprisons his father the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He also crowns himself as the next Mughal Emperor.

Shivaji the Maratha ruler makes his first attack on Surat.

Aurangzeb sends his most able general Raja Jai Singh to subdue Shivaji and Jai Singh emerges victorious in the task.

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