acQuire Timeline

The historical timeline of acQuire Technology Solutions.

GIM Suite 2 released

The GIM Solution enters a new phase as GIM Suite 2 is released in August. It delivers significant performance improvements, better environmental monitoring capabilities and more data management features. With an enhanced dashboard feature, GIM Suite 2 gives users the confidence needed to make strategic decisions based on geoscientific information.

First software engineer hired

Zbigniew Klimek begins his career as a Software Engineer with acQuire (then called Metech Pty Ltd).

acQuire begins

Bill Withers writes the original business plan to develop a product called 'acQuire' in August 1996 whilst on a plane from Brisbane to Perth.

First customers

Rio Tinto, Lihir Mining and Boddington Gold Mine are first customers and longest customer relationships.

First sales of acQuire software

The African division of Anglo American based in Johannesburg purchases the acQuire Solution and the rollout of the technology across Africa begins.

We welcome 10th employee

acQuire v.3.4.0

acQuire v.3.4.0 is released.

New market sectors

We initiate the market diversification into the energy sector.

acQuire v.3.5.0

acQuire v.3.5.0 is released.

acQuire v.3.8.0

acQuire v.3.8.0 is released.

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