Commuter Connections - Celebrating 40 years (1974-present)

Commuter Connections, est. 1974

Enhancing the region’s economic vitality and quality of life for 40 trusted years by helping Washington metropolitan commuters choose a smarter way to work, and assisting employers with the development of commuter benefits for their employees.


Twitter @CarFreeMetroDC formed


Twitter @BiketoWorkDay formed


Commuter Connections joined Facebook

Regional Marketing

RideFinders forms a regional marketing program

Google Maps & Metro

Google maps show Metro delays

Facebook reaches 1 Billion users

One billion users on Facebook

Commute Time : 22 Minutes

Average commute is under 22 minutes (Census Bureau)

Keypunch Cards

Keypunched cards were hand-mailed by COG staff. Litton matched ridesharers via IBM 360/370 mainframe

Oil Crisis

OAPEC (OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo.

Commuter Club

Commuter Club formed in response to the oil embargo

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