PNAS Anniversary Timeline

Explore 100 years of science and world events along with landmark papers published in PNAS.

PNAS was established in 1914 by the National Academy of Sciences to publish brief announcements of the most important research contributions of Academy members and those whose work they felt was significant, and in 1915 the first issue was published. For more information about the centennial see the ;xSTx;a href=" ";xETx;Editorial;xSTx;/a;xETx; from Editor-in-Chief Inder Verma. ;xNLx;

1914-06-25 15:42:24

PNAS Established

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Established

1915-01-15 00:00:00

First Issue of PNAS Publishes

1915-05-07 13:56:05

Chromosomes and Inheritance - Thomas Hunt Morgan

1916-01-07 13:56:05

National Research Council Established

1916-12-01 00:00:00

Environment Influences Anatomy and Physiology - Franz Boas

1917-01-01 10:25:26

Russian Revolution

1918-01-01 01:07:39

Milky Way Measured

1918-01-01 10:25:26

The Great Influenza Pandemic

1920-01-01 10:25:26

First Commercial Radio Broadcast

1920-01-01 17:52:03

Protons Discovered

PNAS Anniversary Timeline

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