Makkovik Chronology

2012-01-29 13:30:00


Burton last seen dropping off his cousin at grandmother's house on snowmobile, 2008 Ski-Doo Tundra. "This was his first year on a Ski-Doo." Days earlier he had learned basic survival skills on a snowmobile trip with Jr Rangers [RCMP/Vardy]

2012-01-29 14:00:00


Hunter spots "fresh snowmobile tracks headed towards the sea ice" [RCMP Deputy Commissioner Graham]

2012-01-29 17:00:00


family worried Burton missing [RCMP/Vardy]

2012-01-29 19:30:00


Burton reported missing to RCMP Makkovik [RCMP/Vardy]

2012-01-29 21:00:00


RCMP and community search conducted of local trails and cabins. Searchers from Postville assist [RCMP/Graham]

2012-01-29 22:41:00


RCMP Headquarters St John's contacted. [RCMP/Vardy] "Request made for air support for following morning." [RCMP/Graham]

2012-01-29 23:59:00


Ground search continues past midnight with air support. Searchers follow tracks spotted by hunter "but were forced to turn back" [RCMP/Graham]

2012-01-30 02:30:00


Overnight ground search ended [RCMP/Graham]

2012-01-30 06:30:00


Ground search resumes. At its peak, 50-60 ground searchers in all [RCMP/Vardy]

2012-01-30 09:00:00


Fire & Emergency Services NL (FES) requests Govt Air Services. Contract helicopter (Universal) unable to fly. FES contacts JRCC Halifax but SAR unable to assist due to "flying capacity and weather." [FES] Weather conditions were "below limits" for safe operations of aircraft. At CFB Goose Bay, one Griffon helicopter out of service, and problem with oil line discovered on the 2nd one. [JRCC - Admiral Gardam]

Makkovik Chronology

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