History of Fish Creek

This timeline follows the people, events, and places that have influenced our local community in The Gap, Queensland, 4061. Information has been classified into 3 categories: History and Infrastructure (Blue), Population, Society and Culture (Orange) and Local Environment (Green). The timeline can be used in multiple ways by users. It can be read in entirety or used to learn about specific events or time-periods. Please visit our Further Reading page for more information on any topic covered in the timeline.

We pay respect to the first peoples on whose land we are, ;xNLx;We acknowledge the loss of lands, spirituality, tradition and culture.;xNLx;Knowing the consequences for people, communities and nations, ;xNLx;We walk together hand in hand to a better future.

1606-08-07 00:54:34

First Recorded European Contact

In 1606, the Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon landed near the site where Weipa is now located on the western shore of Cape York. This was the first recorded encounter between Europeans and first Australian peoples.

1770-04-07 00:54:34

Cook Maps East Coast of Australia

Lieutenant James Cook and crew aboard a ship called the Endeavour mapped the east coast of Australia in April 1770.

1788-01-26 00:00:00

Early Life in Australia for British Marines and Convicts

Early life for the British marines and convicts was very difficult. The land was very different to that in Britain and initial plantings of crops failed. Finding suitable shelter was also a huge problem and the British convicts and soldiers had very limited building materials. Life was so difficult for the early colonists that by the time the second fleet of convicts and marines arrived from Britain to what is now known as Sydney, the convicts and marines from the first voyage were dressed in patched and threadbare clothes.

1788-01-26 00:54:34

Natural Fish Creek Habitat

At the time of early British colonisation, the land around Fish Creek in The Gap would have remained in its natural state.

1788-03-26 00:00:00

First Australian Peoples Experience of Colonisation

For Australia's first peoples, British arrival in Australia was an invasion – it brought war, disease and deprivation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were displaced from the traditional lands they had occupied for 60 thousand years, since the time of the Dreaming.

1799-01-26 00:00:00

Flinders Explores Queensland

In 1799 Captain Matthew Flinders explored Moreton Bay and around the Queensland coast but did not discover the entrance to the Brisbane River.

1823-01-26 00:54:34

British Find Entrance to Brisbane River

The Brisbane River was a spiritually important place and a vital food source for first Australians since the Dreaming. British explorers however, did not find the entrance to the river until 1823.

1824-09-13 00:54:34

British Colony Settled in Redcliffe

British settlement of Brisbane was initially as a penal settlement. Redcliffe was the first city in Queensland colonised by the British and is located on the edge of Moreton Bay.

1825-01-26 00:00:00

Colony Relocates To Edenglassie

In 1825 the British colony was moved from Redcliffe to the banks of the Brisbane River. Early on, Brisbane was called a different name – Edenglassie.

1830-01-26 00:54:34

Moreton Bay Population Growth and Decline

By 1830 the population of Moreton Bay included 1,000 convicts and 100 soldiers.

History of Fish Creek

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