INDEVCO Group - Our History

In the early 1950s, George Frem, one of the first Lebanese Industrialist ventured overseas, having one goal in mind: scoping the horizon for new opportunities as any young ambitious man.

Where It All began

In the early 1950s, George Frem, one of the first Lebanese industrialists ventured overseas, with one goal in mind: scoping the horizon for new opportunities.

Establishing First Manufacturing Plant in Lebanon

Responding to community needs, Frem identified a significant requirement of the agricultural sector in Lebanon.

Through the Lebanese Civil War

April 1975 marked a radical downturn in the fortunes of Lebanon, when the start of civil conflict devastated the population and business community.

Launching of New Companies

In 1972, Georges Frem launched the Industrial Development Company (INDEVCO sarl), the industrial development and management company that would guide and service the growth of companies to come. also, in response to Lebanon's market needs and the country’s booming consumerism, Frem founded Sanita.

Advancing from Survival to Growth

At the end of this strenuous decade, INDEVCO established GESPA Overseas Ltd., an international liaison office in Cyprus charged with managing procurement and shipping.

Acquiring American Manufacturing Plants

INDEVCO acquired five American manufacturing companies, in a leading country in the paper and pulp manufacturing industry. The US firms represented an upstream investment, one which required oversight by a Paper Containers Division within the group.

Unstoppable Success Led to New Beginnings

Household disposable brands produced by Sanita and managed by a Consumer Products Division became the undisputed market leader.

Renovating INDEVCO

INDEVCO reorganized its production capacities in Lebanon and planted new seeds for corporate development and empowerment.

Expanding INDEVCO’s Business Portfolio

INDEVCO established a joint venture with a world leader in kitchen manufacturing, Italian firm Snaidero.

Growing Through Integration, Expansion and Standardization

Growth was energized by vertical integration and horizontal expansion, with attention to standardization and certifications, as well as extended sales and distribution.

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