SmarterU Feature History

SmarterU is dedicated to continuous improvement of our platform. Every client benefits from every update and upgrade we make!


Coming August 25, 2018


Coming February 24, 2018


Coming June 16, 2018


Coming December 8, 2018


Coming October 27, 2018


Coming April 21, 2018

Hyperion Mini-Release

This mini-release included Training Cost Report Enhancements including credential / task filtering, Home Group filtering, a CSV export, and added multi-lingual support.

Proctoring, Long Answer Marking

This release added two major features to SmarterU - proctoring, and long answer marking automation. There were also upgrades done to both user tools and course tools.

Courses, Reports, Groups Tools, Course Tools and Account Tools and More

This release contains updates to Courses, Reports, Groups Tools, Course Tools and Account Tools, as well as numerous system wide improvements.

User and Account Tools

This release contains improvements to User Tools and Account Tools.

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