80th Anniversary of The Courtauld Institute of Art

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Michael Kauffman becomes Director

Peter Lasko is replaced by Michael Kauffmann who sees the project of moving to Somerset House through to fulfilment. Work on the building is far enough advanced for The Courtauld Institute of Art to move in for the academic year which began in October 1989.

Roger Fry bequeaths his collection

Artist, designer, critic, and art historian Roger Fry bequeaths his collection to The Courtauld following his death in 1934.

Anthony Blunt becomes Director

Anthony Blunt is made Director and oversees the development of the Institute during the 1950s and until his retirement in 1974.

The Courtauld in the 1950s

During the 1950s The Courtauld becomes a powerhouse of intellectual activity.

The Courtauld is born!

Samuel Courtauld forms The Courtauld Institute of Art in 1932, with Sir Robert Witt and Viscount Lee of Fareham. As one of the first art history institutions it paves the way for art history entering the academic world.

A Bar at the Folies-Bergere

In 1934 Samuel Courtauld gives Edouard Manet’s last major painting, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, to The Courtauld.

Samuel Courtauld Passes Away

Samuel Courtauld, one of the key founders of The Courtauld, passes away in 1947.

WWII & The Courtauld

The Second World War brakes out and drastically reduces The Courtauld Institute of Art’s activities – from 1941 to 1942 its student body is made up of three people.

The Princes Gate Bequest

The 1970s closed with one of the greatest single benefactions ever received by a British gallery. Princes Gate Collections elevated The Courtauld Gallery to an entirely new level of public importance.

The Courtauld moves to Somerset House

During the 80s a plan to unite The Courtauld Institute of Art, the gallery space, and the collection into one building was begun. A solution was found when the Strand side of Somerset House became available, requiring huge fundraising efforts that continued throughout the 80s.

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