SROI: A History

A short history of Social Return on Investment

We have developed this time line to allow those interested a chance to learn about the development of the SROI methodology and the history of Social Value UK, formerly The SROI Network. ;xNLx;;xNLx;The timeline is continuing to be developed and most dates are estimated within their year.;xNLx;;xNLx;Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Revised Guide and Supplements published

Revised Guide and Supplements published

SROI initially developed by REDF

In 1997,REDF's effort to track and analyze the impact of seven San Francisco Bay area nonprofit organizations and their twenty-three social purposeenterprises began. Employing individuals with a range of disadvantages, the enterprises serve a dual purpose: to provide market-driven goods and services to customers, and to provide a supportive training and work environment for individuals who wish to improve their lives. They developed an SROI approach to assess the impact versus cost of these social purpose enterprises.

Working Group develop SROI Framework Document

Working Group consisting of Jed Emmerson, Jeremy Nicholls, Sara Olsen, Stephanie Robertson and Peter Scholten come together to initiate an SROI Framework document

European SROI Network Formed

The European Social Return on Investment Network is founded

DIY guide to SROI created

nef release their DIY guide to SROI. Authors: Jeremy Nicholls, Susan Mackenzie and Alibeth Somers

SROI Framework Document launched

Initiated in 2004 The SROI Framework document is published

Social Return on Investment: a Guide to SROI Analysis published

Written by Peter Sholten, Jeremy Nicholls, Sara Olsen and Brett Galimidi and published by Lenthe publishers

The SROI Network is Formed

The SROI Network is formed with 160 members

Guide to SROI published supported by the UK Cabinet Office

The 2009 guide was written by Jeremy Nicholls, Eilis Lawlor, Eva Neitzert and Tim Goodspeed, and edited by Sally Cupitt, with additional contributions from Sheila Durie, Jenni Inglis, Karl Leathem, Tris Lumley and Richard Piper.

Guide to SROI published in Chinese

Guide to SROI published in Chinese

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