The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Timeline

Look Back. Move Forward.

As we celebrate a quarter century as a school and musical community, join us for a look back at how we got here.;xNLx;;xNLx;Click the “continue” button below to start your journey through the sights and sounds of our major milestones.;xSTx;style;xETx;.tl-ch-disabled{display:none!important;};xSTx;/style;xETx;;xNLx;

A new journey in Jazz education

Jazz and Contemporary Music BFA launched

Peep Your Hole Card

Creative names for creative music

Zoot’s Party

3rd Zoot’s Party held

Students in the real world

Jam sessions at the Village Gate and recitals at Bradley’s

First 4 year graduates

Beacons in Jazz

4th annual Beacons in Jazz Gala honors Clark Terry and Billy Eckstine

Brad Mehldau and Amit Golan graduate

Two pianists, two contributors to jazz

New School brings the world to NYC

New School Jazz hosts the first U.S. IASJ meeting

A new Jazz home

New School Jazz moves into 55 West 13th Street

Arnie Lawrence departs

Co-founder Arnie Lawrence moves to Israel

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