Cape Ann Granite

The Bartlett-Erkkila Timeline of Cape Ann Granite

A timeline of the history of Cape Ann Granite presented from the research life of Barbara H. Erkkila and the ongoing efforts of Leslie D. Bartlett.


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Views of One Who Has Carefully Looked Over the Ground.

Commonwealth Request of strikes and lockouts

150 Stone Cutters No new conditions granted by RGCo.

STRIKE at Babson Farms Quarry

All union or non-union a not sent letter by


Master Teamsters Union notice of meeting at Scientific Hall. Followed by June 1902 Bill of Prices.

The continued depression of our business

To the employees of the Rockport Granite co.


The narrative of the April 27 March with names

Knights of Labor

In the matter o contract...

Response to Union Activites

Rockland Ma (Hurricane Isle Granite Co,)letter addressing need to meet and form an association to meet and aid in handling labor questions. This is followed by a letter listing paving clutters on strike and expressing wish that these men. It find employment at another quarry. "If all quarrymen decline to hire any new men for a month or until everything is settled on what is required in regard to hours and prices for the season..." W.S.White


James Vernon list of Union Paving Cutters on Strike.

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