Stanley Park 125

Learn about the rich history of Vancouver's most beloved and iconic park.

A royal visit

The Prince of Wales (Edward the VIII) drops in for a visit as part of his Canadian tour.

Lost lagoon tidal flats

The tidal flat that was Lost Lagoon is turned into a lake with the start of construction of the Stanley Park Causeway. The final touches would be completed in 1926.

Girl in a Wetsuit sculpture unveiled

Vancouver sculptor Elek Imredy’s Girl in a Wetsuit is unveiled near Brockton Point.

Stanley Park Opens

Mayor David Oppenheimer officially opens Stanley Park on September 27th.

Indian Museum at Lumberman's Arch considered

Park Board considers building an Indian Museum at Lumberman’s Arch as a post war project.

First explorers discover the park

Spanish and British explorers are the first Europeans to glimpse the heavily forested peninsula that would become Stanley Park.

Stanley Park logged for timber

Brockton Point is cleared as the site for Captain Stamp’s sawmill though it was eventually built at the foot of today’s Dunlevy Street. Many of the park’s trails are old logging skid roads.

Fisherman's Cove settlement at Brockton Point

Portuguese, Scots, First Nations people and others make their home on the point long before there was a city. 'Portuguese' Joe Silvey was the first European to settle in the future park.

Canadian Pacific Railway request

The Canadian Pacific Railway suggest in a letter to the Dominion Government that the lands east of a line between English Bay and Second Beach be given to the railroad “for docks, warehouses and buildings.” This request included Coal Harbour and the future Brockton Point.

Vancouver's City Council first order of business

The first order of business for the first meeting of the newly minted City of Vancouver council on May 12, 1886, was to pass a resolution to ask the Dominion Government to convey the peninsula known as the Government Reserve to the City “in order that it be used by the inhabitants of said City of Vancouver as a park.”

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