Julie Dash Film Career

Julie Dash's career and experience timeline.

Folllow Julie Dash's career and experiences as t relates to the history of international cinema.

Julie Dash and Barbara McCullough go to Cannes

As students at UCLA Julie Dash and Barbara Mcullough decide to take a collection of films by their fellow black filmmakers to the Cannes film festival in an unprecendented move. This effort results in significant exposure of black independent cinema in Europe and the world.

Julie Dash and Barbara McCullough go to CANNES

As students at UCLA, Julie and Barbara decide to go to the 1980 Cannes Film Festival to present the work of the new young black filmmakers. Their efforts result in major interest in the work for the next 20 years.

20th anniversary of Daughters of the Dust Release at the DGA

A special ceremony at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) recognized the 20th Anniversary of the release of the award-winning feature fim, Daughters of the Dust/.

Julie works with St Clair Bourne

Julie works as film crew on works by St Clair Bourne in New York.

Daughters of the Dust goes into Production

Daughters of the Dust goes into production in Beaufort, SC

The Studio Museum of Harlem

First Cinematography workshop with Omar Mubarak (Randy Abbott) at the Studio Museum of Harlem in 1968. Began editing using upright Movieola and shooting with 16mm Bolex camera.

American Film Institute

Attended the American Film Institute's Conservatory Fellowship program in Producing/Writing.


BA Film/Television Production from the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts, David Picker Film Institute.

Working Models of Success - Producer

Produced first documentary film for the Deputy Director of the Urban League, Dr. Eugene S. Callender.

Julie goes to UCLA

After graduating from American Film Institute, Julie enters UCLA and studies with Haile Gerima, Billie Woodberry, Charles Burnett, Alile Sharon Larkin, Jama Fanakaa, Ben Caldwell, under the tuteledge of Tshome Gabriel making up the key individuals in what Clyde Taylor titled 'The LA Rebellion."

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